How to Buy a Digital Camera

Here is a shot of a hibiscus that is blooming right now in my kitchen which I captured with my Nikon. DSLR - D700.  Are  you ready to buy a new digital camera? Are you a little overwhelmed with talk of mega pixels, memory cards, and optical zooms?  Here are a few recommendations to help get you started on buying the perfect digital camera for you!

Mega pixels:  To put it simply, the more mega pixels the better! A 2-mega pixel camera is fine for snapshots, though models with that resolution are becoming less common. If you want to produce 8-by-10-inch prints, you'll need at least a 3 mega pixel camera. 4 or 5 mega pixel cameras will yield even larger prints and allow you to blow up part of an image with less likelihood that the print will be blurry.

Batteries:  To save a lot of money, look for a camera that includes a rechargeable battery and charger. Some cameras can use AA batteries of any type--disposable or rechargeable, which is convenient and cost effective as well.

Optical Zoom:  Get at least 2X optical zoom. Most cameras offer digital zoom, but it results in photos that aren't nearly as good as those produced with an optical zoom.

Memory Cards:  Memory cards are how you'll store your images. While a camera may have on-board memory, additional memory cards can easily be purchased. The more cards you buy, the more photos you can take without having to erase images.

Try It:  If possible, hold the camera and take some pictures before making your purchase. Unlike film, digital cameras have a "lag time" between when you press the shutter button and when the camera actually takes the picture. Make sure the lag time is acceptable to you. Try out the zoom lens, and make sure it operates smoothly and quickly. And lastly, find out how long you must wait between taking pictures. Finding this out beforehand will ensure the camera you purchase will respond exactly the way you expect it to!

The digital revolution is changing photography... don’t get left behind by techno-speak! Just get out there and find your perfect match so you can start shooting!

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