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A Recital ~ Learning Self Confidence, Balance of Pride, Acceptance and Grace ~

This video is not just about a little girl learning gymnastics...but if you look closer, it is a time in her life that she is learning about self confidence, pride, acceptance and grace.  The beginning of our lives and how society will look at us begins at a tender age.  Hopefully, we as parents and grandparents can help to  sustain these moments of grace, pride and self confidence for all our children as they grow to adulthood.

We would have a better world wouldn't we?

Winter Scenes - Highland IL Photography

Looking for a little inspiration today...well I found some in the recent snowfall. A few pictures of the local scenery and a personal message left for me on the patio. Relax! That really got me.  I needed to see this. It is so easy to lose patience and get tangled up in the events of the day.  So RELAX is what the message is for today!

Even St. Francis had time to reflect on the snowfall..

Little tiny pine needles grasping the snowflakes

Little hands waving an invitation to come in and examine the moment?

A final glimpse of freshness!

Dreams in Life

The journey of finding and following your dreams seems so difficult. Difficult in that the dreams I have tend to haunt me. There will be days so full of the other aspects of everyday life that the dreams do not have a chance to surface. But  when I have a moment alone...whether in the car going from one place to another or just as I lay down to end the day, the dreams of my creative side surface.  I should say the haunting begins.  I know what I love to do. I love working with photography.

Photography represents our lives, who we are, what we have done, accomplished and shared. It is all that is left after we are gone, along with memories of those moments. Determining what exactly to do with this love is what haunts me.  Fear of failing halts my dreams in their tracks sometimes and other times fear of what others think stalls my creativity.

I am a work in process, as are my dreams, my photography and what will come next. As for now...I am striving for inspiration and courage to try new ideas and let my creativity begin to soar.

Here's to 2011!


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